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    Fans (W/Email) Poem Date
    121)Cheryl E. Drucker
    From:Crow Heaven

    “The Crow Still Flies”

    Somewhere in the world today,
    A crow flies all alone.

    As buildings burn, and people die.
    It watches sorrow sewn.

    A heavy heart, it carries on,
    Searching for the lone.

    But where or where is Brandon Lee?
    Has he gone back to his home?

    The sadness is too much to bear,
    Without his presence here.

    So what are we supposed to do,
    But watch and wait in fear?

    I looked up in that sky so dark,
    And in its clouds I saw

    A sleek black bird that flew alone,
    And bade a mournful caw.

    It flew down from amongst the stars,
    And settled in my hands.

    I then looked in its deep black eyes,
    And saw what it demands.

    For whomever it had left hell for,
    It could not find at all.

    And it made me wonder, made me wonder…
    Was Brandon Lee it’s call?

    I let the crow escape my hold,
    And watched it disappear.

    Something soft rolled down my cheek…
    Was that my fear? No just a tear.

    Without Lee’s soul, the crow still flies,
    And continues on unknown.

    Somewhere in the world today,
    A crow flies all alone.

    …Rest In Peace, Brandon Lee… We Miss You…

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    121)Tom Zulaski
    From:Crow Heaven


    Memories of us flow through my mind , All the pain and hurt I can not hide , There was still so much thats left undone, What happend that night took your life your gone, You left so suddenly in the night , I hate that the last time we talked we had a fight, I never knew that this life could be so unfair , All this saddness sorrow and despair, I am missing you so very much , The way you felt the way you touched, There are no words tha could ever describe, The pain I feel My hurt in side, I am so tired of feeling all alone, I wish there was someway you coulc just come home, I think about you evey night , Wishing I Had a chance to tell you I love you to tell you good-bye

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